Gomora actress ‘Sibongile’ Nandipha Khubone’s expensive


Actress Nandipha Khubone plays the role of Sibongile Buthelezi on Gomora Mzansi Magic telenovela. She stars on Gomora as Sibongile, Don Buthelezi’s daughter, who entered Zodwa’s house with an attitude but was quickly whipped into line by Zodwa – the role played by Sannah Mchunu and her half-brother Teddy – the role played by Sicelo Buthelezi.

Sibongile on Gomora

Sibongile’s fashion sense and grooming reflect on a previous expensive lifestyle; before arrival in Gomora, she lived a comfortable life in the suburbs.  She recently lost her mother, who provided for her and her father Don and had to accompany Don to his native township to start and new life leaving behind the luxuries of the previous life. Sibongile first appeared on Gomora, meeting Teddy, her half-brother and realized that she is about to adjust to the life of surviving with little.

The 21-year-old actress who hails from Durban in KwaZulu-Natal is currently studying for a Degree in Film making at the New York Film Academy in the United States of America.  She revealed that she bagged the Gomora gig through her agency.

Sibongile on Gomora

I received the call from my agency, who saw the call for auditions; by then, I was still in the United States, and I had to videotape myself. At first, my application wasn’t seen; after the second trial, they called me to sign a contract.

Nandipha dreams of pursuing an acting career in Hollywood; having arrived in America for studies since 2018 was an eye-opener and she seeks to one day explore acting on the world’s biggest stage.

Gomora actress ‘Sibongile’ Nandipha Khubone
Gomora actress ‘Sibongile’ Nandipha Khubone: Image Credit @Instagram

With Gomora being her debut role Nandipha Khubone says she looks forward to growing into her role and playing characters across different genres.

Nandipha Khubone

Hailing from a wealthy family and early exposure to the first world, Nandipa lives an expensive lifestyle. She doesn’t skip a moment to spoil herself and feel good; designer clothes and expensive holidays is what she does as hobbies.  She spends way beyond her Gomora salary a testimony that her family is loaded. Remember the name Nandipha Khubone! She set to become Mzansi’s next top export talent.