Gomora actors with their kids in real life


Photos: Gomora Actors With Their Partners And Kids In Real Life




Photos: Gomora Actors With Their Partners And Kids In Real Life

Husbands and wives of Gomorrah’s actresses! People all over Gomora believe that the actors and actresses working in the country’s popular dramas are the greatest in the business.

The real-life relationships of these actors and actresses much outweigh the on-screen pairings. Some couples may not have children of their own, but they all share the happiness of having a life partner. Everyone from male actors and actresses to their real-life wives can be found here, as Gomora has produced quite the entertainment industry.

As Teddy, Sicelo Buthelezi

When Duma posted a selfie of herself hugging someone, many people assumed it was Buthelezi and began spreading rumors that the two were an item. A second shot of Duma and Buthelezi with a heart emoji prompted the comment.

Fans of either Duma or Buthelezi on social media appear to have done the math and are certain that the supposition is correct, despite neither politician confirming the stories publicly. A passionate back-and-forth ensued between the Ntando and the actor Sicelo after the former expressed enthusiasm for the latter’s Instagram photos. She shared Instagram photos of the proposal but is remaining mum on the subject of who popped the question.

Katlego The mother and child, Danke

Katlego Danke is a well-known South African actress, DJ, and TV host. She believes God made her imperfectly, but she is conscious of her flaws. By always appearing at ease in front of the camera, she has become an inspiration to many.

A son was born to Katlego Danke in October of 2014. Perhaps no malice was intended here. Since then, that child has been her entire focus. She is not providing much details about the kid. Katlego Danke, unlike other famous moms, hasn’t used social media to promote her son’s career.

Seete, Thembi






Thembi and Collen Mashawana, a successful businessman, are the parents of Dakalo Seete. Despite beginning her career at the tender age of 17, the singer did not become a parent until 2018.

Many of her fans at the time begged her to announce the pregnancy and name the father, but she never did. She went on to say that in her society it was common practice to announce the birth of a new baby months in advance. It’s worth noting that Thembi Seete hid the newborn from prying eyes. They showed his picture for the first time to the public when he was 2 years old.

To life! Mchunu Sana.

Teddy’s mom on the hit South African show Gomora Mzansi is played by Sana Mchunu. Her cameo appearances have been met with adulation from viewers since the pilot. In a film role, she was praised for her portrayal as Zodwa. The parallels between her personal life and her professional career are striking.

On May 18, 2021, Sana Mchunu, who plays Gomora’s daughter, shared a birthday message on Instagram. Since Sana was so young when she gave birth to her daughter, she wrote an emotional letter to her daughter to help her avoid making the same mistakes she did.

Mother and child, Connie and Chiume

South African actress Nothando Mabuza is making headlines as her famous mother did before her. The singer/actress is making her first TV appearance in the major role.

Mabuza’s mom is “Black Panther” and “Gomora” star Connie Chiume. Mabuza first appeared on screen in an episode of The Queen as a serial rapist’s victim.

Thando is now starring as Providence on the Moja Love comedy series Housemaids. Providence is a smart and sassy Zimbabwean girl working as a day helper. Neither she nor her boyfriend have been able to find work since they do not have the proper documentation to remain in the country.

Xaluva Zolisa

South African actor Zolisa Xaluva is well known for his recurrent roles as Melusi on Gomora and Jason on Generations. Even before he debuted, people were praising his performances. We should put an emphasis on his life because of its significance.

Little is known about his married status at this time. In 2012, model Zizipho Phoswa claimed that actor David Oyelowo was the father of her child. At the time, rumors had it that the two were dating. Unfortunately, the results of a paternity test came back negative. As a result, we know very little about Zolisa Xaluva’s past or his wife.

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