Gomora actor Ntonkozo quits because of Mazet.

Ntokozo is not ready to give on Mazet, he thinks that it is better for him notnto wilrite his inal examination because Mazet has broken up with him. Ntokozo is a very intelligent young man and it seems like he is ready to choose love than books.

Mazet still does not want Ntokozo to find out that she is now paralyzed. She is also trying by all means to avoid seeing him. Mazet has told Buhle to date Ntokozo, Mazet cannot switch her feelings for Ntokozo just like that.


I believe hat Ntokozo will definitely support Mazet through this difficult time, because he really cares for her. Ntokozo is even ready to get back with Mazet even if he has to miss his examinations. Ntokozo should give his books more attention and then she will deal with Mazet’s situation there after