GogoSkhotheni: Viewers Want To Know What Tumi Was Holding, See This

Not so long ago, we were talking about how it has become a norm for people to talk on things that they barely understand and once again, Tumi made it on the trends list.

This time, this has to do with a picture that was posted on social media a few days ago and this has only led to nothing, but insults, mostly to Tumi.

And one would say that she brought this onto herself and maybe she did, had it not been for the picture, we would not have seen most of the reactions.



But then again, one might remember that Tumi mentioned on the first episode of the show that she helps people with all sorts of problems.

So, if it happens that one wants money, she helps and if there is a person who has a sickness, she also helps.

It turns out that there are a number of things that she deals with, so maybe what we saw on the picture should not be too much of a surprise.

As you might have seen, in the picture, the traditional healer is holding an enamel bowl that has money notes inside that are tied up and covered in what seems to be blood.

When one sees something like this, they are bound to consider it as some ritual that is performed by witches, but there is a lot that is unknown.

There were some people who mentioned that the purpose of the whole thing is to attract money and maybe it would be best if people get someone who has knowledge on this to explain.

Whether we like it or not, a lot of people are misinformed and this is one of those instances where people are told that this is witchcraft and they actually believe that.

Tumi has denied that she is a witch on a number of occasions, but people will decide if they believe her or not, they have to question certain things.

At the end of the day, Tumi calls herself a traditional healer and she now has a reality show, which means that some people will doubt her and there will be a lot of questions that she might need to answer for people to understand what she does.

A lot of things that are done by traditional healers are confusing and do not make sense to a lot of people, hence it is necessary for someone like Tumi to make attempts to make people understand.

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