GogoSkhotheni: Viewers Are Happy That Umndeni Was Replaced By This Show, See What Happened

It goes without saying that there are quite a number of things that we will never really get to understand when it comes to how things are done as far as the lifestyle of Sangomas is concerned.

A few weeks back, the viewers were informed about the reality show, “GogoSkhotheni” that would be on MojaLove and after so much anticipation, it is finally here.

People clearly did not know what to expect before it aired, some people had questions about how it would be received.

But, a lot of them had something to say about the show last night, this was the very first episode and it was definitely worth the wait.





Usually, the shows about Sangomas are very similar, which does not offer any retention because viewers feel like they are watching the same thing.

However, one could say that this is the show about traditional healers that viewers have always been waiting for.

We were introduced to the beautiful, Patricia Tumi Motsoeni Shange and she has already shown us a different side to some things that we already know about.

Now, it seems like there are different ways that one would describe Patricia, she is many things in one, but what a lot of viewers could easily notice is that she is raw, she does and says things without holding anything back.

And obviously, viewers loved her personality, from the look of things, she has become a lot people’s favourite.

There are people who were talking about how beautiful she is and how they love how she carries herself, they also mentioned that they would even date her if an opportunity was to present itself.

And it is no surprise that there is all this love for Patricia, she came at a time when people have questions. So far, she has shown signs that she will inform her viewers about a lot of things and it seems like people cannot wait.