Gogo Skhotheni Shows Off Video Of Her Child But Mzansi Noticed This Instead

Gogo Skhotheni Shows Off Video Of Her Child But Mzansi Noticed This Instead

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Tumi who is popular known as Gogo Skhotheni has left her fans happy after she show off video of her child who looks like her husband Monde.

Gogo have recently took it to her social media page where she posted a video of a her child. Her fans and followers has been saying that the child looks like Monde and not her second husband. Many of her fans has been loving the cute little Liyana.

Her fans has notice Sbu has been played in this relationship. It was a debate in their reality tv show on #GogoSkhotheni on who is the father between Monde and her boyfriend Sbu. Both of them were saying that the child belong to them. During the last episode of #GogoSkhotheni we saw Tumi and her husband Monde going to see a doctor for a check up. Tumu who is known as Gogo Skhotheni have open up about the baby and that she is not sure who is the father. She revealed to her husband that during the same time they were intimate she was also sleeping with Sbu who is her boyfriend.

Gogo Skhotheni gave birth to her prematurely baby who was born in April. Her baby has grow up and people cannot stop saying that he looks like Monde.

Tumi has become the first woman who want to be in polygamous marriage. We grow up knowing that men’s are the one who have a right to take more wife’s as they want. We have never heard such news.

Shocking things about Gogo Skhotheni is that she has not posted any pictures of her second husband. We now wondering whether their relationship still continues after the reality tv show.

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