Gogo Skhotheni Rocking Her Purple Outfit Showing Off Her New Purple Iwasho And Soap

Gogo Skhotheni a traditional healers who is always on the mouth of many and yet she does not mind. She keeps on moving forward and she keeps on striving for what she wants in life. She has never backed down from who she is. She has been trending for many reasons and she seems like someone who does not take what the media days to heart. People always have something to say. People will never stop talking no matter what you do.





Even on TikTok she is trending because of her show on Moja love , they do not understand what she is trying to do. They are against what she is doing on the show. People should realise that those people are acting. And yes at times people have a right for their own opinion. At times there are people who are exposing things that are sacred in terms of traditional healers. Hence some people feel like being a traditional is now being a fashion. Back in the days our forefathers were living a private life. They made sure that they respect their ancestors and the things that are done ephehlweni.

But at least when it comes to her she does not reveal too much about they do. This shows that she still understand that there has be secrets.

She posted her pictures rocking a purple outfit and holding her new purple Iwasho and soap. She says now they are no longer using pink but purple. She look so beautiful in the outfit , as she is one of the people who is more pretty and everything suits her. Check out this pictures and she is really beautiful despite what people are saying about her. She is one of those people who are not affected about the media.