Gogo Skhotheni reveals her unborn baby may not be her partner’s child

Gogo Skhotheni has been a part of the Moja Love family for a few weeks however, she always manages to set the timeline on fire. Her claim that she needs another husband was controversial enough without her admitting to already having been intimate with someone else.

She might have gone a bit too far this time though.

Gogo Skhotheni used to be a Facebook famous sangoma known for speaking her mind. The show was likely to feed off of that success and so far it looks like the mission is victorious. This week she was heading for ultrasound scan of her baby when she dropped a bomb.

She revealed that the other man in her life might be the father of her child. It was shocking of course but more over, it was such a disrespectful thing to say. Monde, her partner, is such a supportive man. To do that to him seems unnecessary mean. I think perhaps this is more to do with views than genuine emotions.

S,ocial Media Response




People were NOT impressed with this revelation.

One user wrote, “She cheated on her husband and got pregnant and then decided to say “My ancestors want a second husband” to hide cheating #gogoskhotheni”

One concerned user wrote, “No man will take such nonsense from a woman in his sober mind..it’s so embarrassing to find out your wife is being sexually active outside the marriage💔.. your safe haven is not so safe anymore…”

A final user wrote, “Aikhona Tumi is emotionally and mentally abusing this man using her spirituality just like those men from Mnakwethu using tradition to (cheat). #GogoSkhotheni 😒😒”

Gogo Skhotheni has an obligation to her ancestors as I’m sure all sangoma’s do. However, her willingness to step out the marriage makes me cringe. Any relationship with infidelity is no longer going anywhere you want to be. This situation might end up terribly.

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Source: Gogo Skhotheni on Moja Love DSTV channel 161