Gogo Skhotheni Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After She Did This. See What Mzansi Noticed

Gogo Skhotheni has been seen in the last episode Confessing and speaking bold of using Muthi (Love Potion) to get her husband Monde and her boyfriend Sbu to get along. In the last week episode Gogo was laughing after she said that her Muthi (Love Potion) does work for her because she saw change.

Tonight’s episode shows just how you cannot depend on using muthi (Love Potion) for everything. She has been saying she will use her muthi but for this particular situation her hands are tied.




#GogoSkhotheni have confessed that her ancestors owes her soft life. Gogo is Disappointed that she had premature baby who came at 7 months. She said that she has been praying for People but no one is praying for her when she is in need. Since said that she blame that her ancestors because it’s their child. She said that she prayed for this baby and it’s their responsibility to make sure that the child survived.

Apparently and according to those people who are sangoma knows that a sangomas cannot pray for themselves. Every sangoma knows they can’t heal themselves. She should have consulted. She was so busy, ahe forgot to take care of herself.

What’s happening in this episode is just proof that God still has supernatural powers above all. The forming and development of a healthy baby has God’s upper hand.

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