Gogo Skhotheni Left Mzansi In Social Media After She Did This To Her Husband In #GogoSkhotheni

Gogo Skhotheni Left Mzansi Shock In Social Media After She Did This To Her Husband In #GogoSkhotheni Show

Gogo Skhotheni is serious about having to husband’s. Mzansi is shocked that Gogo Skhotheni said it to Monde. People still can’t believe this is happening to Monde, an innocent soul. It’s sad that it’s its hurting her husband Monde and she doesn’t see it that way. She’s controlling and demanding.

Oh the conversation stems from #Gogoskhotheni she said the underground gang wants her to take another husband. But she’s been seeing this other man for 6 months already.




Tumi has been mentioning that , GogoSkhotheni is a man. She also did mention that Skhotheni was a polygamist with many wifes in the last episode. People are now confused because she said he has many wife’s and today the Skhotheni want two husband, which means he is woman today. One this she made mistake was nt explain to Monde before she said YES to Monde’s proposal.

This thing of Sangoma started way back but never have we ever heard that there’s a sangoma who has two husbands. She wants to hide her infertility tendencies behind the ancestors. #GogoSkhotheni is using ancestors as an excuse. Monde is right when he says she doing this for her own personal gain. She will be first black woman to marry two men’s.

Skhotheni should stop using ancestors to hide her cheating ways, she must just admit that she was fooling round and ended up falling in love not that ancestors will be used as cover up.

Last week her and the Gobela (initiator) spoke about how they can make the ‘husbands’ get along. Now pre she’ll do anything to keep him.

“I’ll do everything I can to keep him” she meant witchcraft.

Tumi has failed her husband, she must do something to stop this this polygamist thing if she really love Monde as she say. Monde feels betrayed and not a man enough. He paid double amount of lobola and he still have to finish the lobola. GogoSkhotheni on the other hand she’s speaking about paying lobola to with the money she’s getting from sangoma. And in that money she says it’s her money and not their money.