Gogo Skhotheni Left Mzansi Disappointed After She Allegedly Did This To Her Husband This

Fans of Gogo Skhotheni were let down by her reported admission that she had given her husband Monde love potion. Despite Monde’s lack of merit, the #GogoSkhotheni followers and watchers have been feeling terrible for her. Since the last episode, fans of #GogoSkhotheni have been raising the possibility that Gogo Skhotheni received Monde Muthi (Love Potion). TimesLIVE reporter Gogo Skhotheni has admitted to giving her husband a love potion, according to a report.

It was reported by TimesLIVE that the second was welcomed nine months ago. Gogo Skhotheni has revealed to TimesLIVE that he had to perform a ritual to bring her two spouses together. For the sake of their marriage, Gogo Skhotheni has revealed that she has sacrificed both herself and her husband. There is no end in sight for Monde, as she stated in the final episode of #GogoSkhotheni. She promised to do everything in her power to keep him.




Also in the second episode, her initiator advised her that she could make them work together. This isn’t to weaken them, says Tumi. It’s so they can cooperate. On the other hand, she stated that her husband Monde is envious, so she is giving him love potion. Her explanation for this was that she needed to calm down Monde, who she claimed was getting envious.

Is this what people are saying about what they’ve heard? Many Gogo Skhotheni watchers believe Tumi is responsible for Monde’s mistreatment.

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