Gogo Skhotheni Left Fans Wowed With Her Elegant Black

Have you noticed Gogo Skhotheni’s glowing flames? She has a grin on her face now that she has found some fame in the field of entertainment, and her fans and following have no choice but notice this. Gogo Skhotheni, also known as Tumi Motsoeneng, is well-known for her reality TV shows. The reality personality recently uploaded photos of herself wearing entirely black clothing. Those who admired and followers are busy blasting her Instagram post with feedback after being overlooked.

Since debuting her YouTube show, Patricia ‘Gogo Skhotheni’ Motsoeneng has grown prominent. Patricia “Gogo Hovheni” Motsoeneng, a sangoma and reality TV personality, is more widely recognized today. Gogo Skhotheni leverages her YouTube show for discussions regarding her spiritual sangoma and the things she has experienced.




Gogo Skhotheni has since become a rookie in the entertainment field. She is renowned as a businesswoman and a sangoma from southern Africa. Recently, Skhotheni made news when she fought Gogo Maweni. It appears that Maweni and Skhotheni were formerly close friends, but their connection quickly turned sour. It was revealed in one of the sources that the two sangomas are experiencing jealousy. Maweni and Skhotheni are two successful, youthful sangomas who have taken the initiative to post content about their sangomas on social media.