Gogo Skhotheni is labelled a hypocrite for claiming her man is not allowed to see other women

Gogo Skhotheni had been making headlines lately with her polyandry quest. The controversy stemmed from her being in a committed relationship already and being a woman wanting another husband. The determined sangoma does not seem to care about this.

This week she expressed something that only fuelled the flame.

Gogo Skhotheni scored her own show on Moja Love and so far she has been serving the drama on a saucepan. It’s been straight fire week in and week out and were only on the third week! The sangoma does a good job of laying everything bare and it is likely what keeps her trending.




She expressed this week that her partner is not allowed to have another woman in his life. This would normally be a usual part of any relationship except that Gogo Skhotheni wants another husband. It can be seen as hypocritical that she would be sensitive about that.

Social Media Response

People has quite a few things to say about Gogo Skhotheni’s words.

One user wrote, “So Monde can’t Marry but wants him to accept the second husband, wa gafa (she is crazy) this one #GogoSkhotheni”

While another user wrote, “She’s a hypocrite she doesn’t want Monde to have another girlfriend but yena she has a boyfriend 😵‍💫 #GogoSkhotheni”

A final user wrote, “Tumi is selfish shame, monde won’t get another wife but yena she can #GogoSkhotheni”

I’m not skilled with spiritually inclined things but this situation doesn’t seem quite viable. Gogo Skhotheni may be playing with fire by going through with it. Her partner seems to be such a sweet and supportive man and she might lose that even if he eventually agrees. Polygamy in general is just not great in my opinion.