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Previously, Gogo Skotheni did a phinda mshaye meaning she is returning whatever was sent to her back to sender. Latest, Tumi allegedly wants her boyfriend and husband to be civil with each other but they should not team up against her. She does not like upsetting Monde, she just wants to respect her Dlozi. Tumi is married to Monde, they even have a child together but the child was not born when the episodes were shot.




Monde loves Tumi, he allegedly takes her “sangoma” side as business because it does not change anything about Tumi. He does not think he would share his wife with another man, he would rather have his wife all by himself visa versa. Tumi is tired and stressed about her business because she has to restock.

They apparently changed the bottle to a glass like bottle, customers are not happy because the bottles arrive broken. That costs them a lot of money because they have to give the customer a free bottle, that includes free shipping. She learnt the hard way, she realized she has to change how they package the bottles.

Sometimes she finds out there’s someone stealing from her in her business, she fires them and hire another one but there is still stealing. Tumi apparently lives with her husband, she appreciates him. He is patient with her, Tumi can not believe how her husband cares. Her husband knows the right way to calm her down, people love the show. It is currently trending on twitter, what do you think about yesterday and tonight’s episode?

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