Gogo Skhotheni: Here’s reason why other people win lotto or powerball

Gogo Skhotheni is an amazing young intelligence beautiful sangoma, mother, doctor and wife who makes peoples lives much better with all the videos she posts out there. She always makes sure that people always gets the help that she has and has a lot of kids that love her too, a lot of people literally love Gogo Skhotheni.0732607834 Consultation

“All people think winning lotto or powerball it’s a luck and everyone has luck so why don’t everyone win? I hereby to reveal why contain people win lotto. Some people can win twice in two months and some people have been betting it almost 5 to 10 years but they never win millions, they just win R20 or R300 that means that they have luck so why can’t they win millions here’s the reason people don’t believe in the ancestors” Gogo skhotheni say

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She has shared a coke ritual and she has shared the R1 ritual. She has shared the one with white candle and needles. She has also shared the ritual of eggs and milk. She also consultated people online. She has helped lot of people by interpreting their dreams. When a person is interpreting your dreams is part of consultation and they charge for it.


Recently she shared another secret of milk and your morning urine. You take your morning urine every morning and you mix it with milk and apply it on your face. After you apply your daily make up.