Gogo Skhotheni confirms that traditional herbs will make her 2 husbands to get along

She really wants to have 2 husbands

Gogo Skhotheni is a young woman who is also a traditional healer, she has a show on Moja Love about her personal life. Each and every Saturday night she surprised the viewers about her demands to her current man.

Gogo Skhotheni seems to be the one calling all the shots in her relationship with her man. They can be upset with each other but all their issues get resolved quickly. To honest their relationship has been difficult, not only for them but also for their family members





She just revealed the man that she wants to take as a second husband, her man did not believe what he was seeing. Monde feels disrespected by Gogo Skhotheni, because she does as she pleases in their relationship. Monde says if the baby it is not his biological child, he is leaving Gogo Skhotheni.

Gogo Skhotheni says no one will be leaving her, she will use the traditional herbs in order to stop him from leaving her. Monde does not like the idea of his woman having 2 husbands. It looks like Monde is just there for a beautiful materialistic things but he is no longer happy in that relationship.

They should fix this, Gogo Skhotheni must respect Monde’s wishes. She cannot use traditional medicine in everything that is troubling her. She needs to sort this out because she is the one who cheated in the first place. They are all adults, they need to talk about it.

It is very rare for a woman to have 2 husbands, especially if they want to marry a traditional healer. Gogo Skhotheni puts her happiness first than other people. She needs to compromise to make everyone around her happy. Monde should make up his mind fast.

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