Gogo Skhotheni claims she wants a third husband during reunion finale

Gogo Skhotheni is a reality televison show that was following Tumi whom the show is named after. She is a popular social Media sangoma turned reality star and her show had people annoyed for its entire duration. The end has come and it seems she isn’t done rocking the boat.

During the reunion special, where all the tension and drama reached an all time high with her two partners, more was revealed. Selbyonce, our fearless host held back nothing as she tried to get all the juicy information from the cast of the show and it was effective.




When faced with the reality of a third husband, Gogo Skhotheni was adamant that yes, she would love to have another! It was likely the climax of the show and was surprising to say the least!

Her husbands, Monde and Sbusiso, weren’t in agreement of course but we’ve all seen that it rarely matters. It was ironic to me though that Sbusiso would be the one with a bigger issue with it. As a second husband he did not need to kick up a fuss.

Viewers are already annoyed but this revelation was particularly upsetting.

One user wrote, “Smh… She’s something else… now hinting the possibility of a third husband🚮🚮#gogoskhotheni”

While another user wrote, “Lmao I’m dying at how Sbu says he wouldn’t allow for a third husband yet he expects Monde to accept him🥴#GogoSkhotheni”

One user wrote, “This thing will carry on and Tumi will have other Husbands because they agreed to the whole arrangement yhooo #GogoSkhotheni”

A final user wrote, “Hayiii date a sangoma at your own risk😂 3 husbands?#gogoskhotheni”