Gogo Skhotheni allegedly looking to Marry a 3rd Husband

She flourishes through contention as her unscripted tv show Gogo Skhotheni is continuously moving.

Patricia Motsoeneng known as Gogo Skhotheni said her show is about her embracing her life and excursion as a youthful sangoma.

The 30-year-old mother of six kids is gladly rehearsing polyandry as she as of late presented her subsequent spouse and said there are potential outcomes of her getting a third and fourth.


Skhotheni said her DMs are overflowed by men who need to join her marriage.

In a meeting with Sunday World, the Secunda conceived sangoma said the commotion doesn’t move her since she didn’t pick this way all alone.

“I was picked by my precursors at 20 years old, I didn’t put stock in any of what I do today. I was a resolute Christian, so when I would dream of globules and streams I would ask or answer to my minister until I understood that it was not evil spirits, but rather I had a calling,” she said.

Skhotheni said her polyandry process began with dreams and dreams.

“In this way, I counseled my precursors and they let me know what they needed, and I concurred. My significant other didn’t comprehend from the outset, yet we are arriving. I’m prepared for all the disdain and reaction from Christians, they don’t irritate me by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless, Christians are lost in light of the fact that the good book says on the off chance that an individual trusts in something they should do it earnestly. I’m as yet a brought back to life Christian, I simply don’t pass judgment on individuals,” Skhotheni added.

She told Sunday World that she will turn between her spouses and they won’t live under one rooftop.

“My excursion as a conventional healer has not been a simple one and I have recently conceived an offspring. To have your own gathering of starts is genuinely burdening, on the grounds that these individuals are unique, from various foundations and some even take actions on my better half, yet it is all worth the effort. I take a gander at every one of my children who moved on from my ndumba with such a lot of pride,” said Skhotheni.

Skhotheni said individuals ought to hope for something else from her as a finance manager as she will zero in on her beauty care products brand that is made of spices.