Gogo Maweni’s Amazing Weight Loss Left Mzansi Jaw-Dropped.

Gogo Maweni, a South African sangoma and media personality, has lately come to prominence following the dissolution of her relationship with SK Khoza, also known as Shaka Khoza from The Queen. As a result of the premiere of her reality show Izungoma Zodumo, Gogo Maweni is now a well-known figure in South Africa.



Gogo Maweni, now known as Dr Maweni, has taken to social media to share photos from her recent event. When her fans and following saw her after she had lost weight, they were taken aback. The photographs she posted of herself were so dazzling and attractive that they made Mzansi green with envy.

Gogo Maweni has been dieting and exercising to get in better shape. She mentioned her gym membership on Somizi’s show, Dinner With Somizi. She specifically stated that she hoped Somizi would not recognize her at their next encounter. Gogo Maweni