Gogo Maweni with her husband at Metro FM Awards 2023

The Metro FM music awards held in Mpumalanga province at Mbombela Stadium yesterday was successful.

Metro FM music awards celebrates and appreciates the work of the artists by giving them awards and remembers the legends of the music.


Gogo Maweni and her husband takes parts in metro FM Awards as the guests. These two don’t have a problem with coming out to people. Although many says Gogo Maweni bewitch her husband.

Gogo Maweni is known as the big Sangoma which she sells and advises woman to bewitch their man. It’s her business and she literally works as a Sangoma though there is some differences. These two are at metro FM Awards to congratulates other artistsfor their biggest achievement.

Congratulations to all 2023 Metro FM Awards winners. Continue working tirelessly and giving the public best music ever.

The fans are commenting about Gogo Maweni’s husband. That he is very strong for staying in the relationship.