Gogo Maweni Was Seen With Her Husband Last Night At Mbombela Stadium.

Gogo Maweni was at Mbombela Stadium last night for music awards and her first season of “Thokoza Gogo” first episodes were aired last night at 8pm on MojaLove channel 157. Gogo Maweni whose real name is Anne have shared pictures inside the music awards which took place at Mbombela stadium. Maweni were seen wearing black dress while her husband was wearing black suit with a white shirt.





Gogo Maweni has become popular since the released of her first season of “Izangoma Zodumo” which was aired in Mzansi Magic. The South African sangoma had been trending over the past few days. Maweni have made headline after her first episode were aired last night. People cannot stop praising the work that she is doing.

People have been talking about her first episode. Apparently Maweni is known as sangoma who also performs witchcraft. People have been criticising her sangoma. In her first episode last night, she did mention that she is not afraid of what people would think or say an out her. Apparently she is the first sangoma to have a reality show, sangoma that put nails, make up and wigs. Maweni have open door to many young sangoma’s like, Gogo Skhotheni, Zodwa Wabantu, and other sangomas to have their own reality TV show.

Maweni is always with her husband, Sabelo Ngube. The couple have been married for Five years. Sabelo found Maweni as a sangoma, and he made her his wife. The couple is seen as one of the best couple are being recognized as couple goal.