Gogo Maweni Threatens To Deal With Women Trying To Snatch Her Hubby

Unscripted television star and customary healer Gogo Maweni, has raised a ruckus web-based entertainment by sending areas of strength to ladies attempting to catch her better half Sabelo Magube, showing that she isn’t somebody to screw with.

Her TikTok video, wherein she takes steps to utilize a human-made revile on ladies trying to grab her better half, has been met with blended responses via virtual entertainment.





In the video, Gogo Maweni says she doesn’t battle for a man, yet she manages a lady at 12 o’clock. As indicated by her, the force of web-based entertainment has made it more straightforward to manage somebody. She just requires an image, the lady’s name and family name, and she will manage the lady at 12 o’clock.

“There’s nobody who doesn’t realize that Sabelo is in that frame of mind with me. Very much like you folks, individuals know who you are dating. Try not to battle with the young lady now. We have online entertainment, we have your photos, name and last name. We manage you at 12 o’clock, we don’t battle with young ladies.”

” I am letting you know that I lack the opportunity to yell. I lack the opportunity to battle for a man in 2022, I will manage you at 12 o’clock. I will manage you with the utilization of voodoo, online entertainment has made it extremely simple. All I really want is your name, family name and picture,” she said.

Gogo Maweni’s clasp has rankled many Twitter clients, and they are blaming her for black magic.

@mpilokhumalo tweeted “We have any semblance of Gogo Dineo, Mphowabadimo attempting to instruct society that there’s nothing odd or off-base about customary healers and that healers are here to reestablish harmony and recuperating inside African American populations. Then you have Gogo Maweni pooping on those lessons”

@oyama tweeted “Gogo Maweni is an all-out witch. A witch iyachitha and not form. She isn’t a healer. Uyathakatha.”

@nampree tweeted “Is there any justification for why customary healers are not standing up against Gogo Maweni? Is it dread? Because I realise they endeavoured to change this account that she is putting out.”