Gogo Maweni Shows Her New Look. See Her cute photo

There are celebrities who prefer to have a bald head instead of hair. We have many people in our industry who are not afraid to show their bald head to the public. We have public figures like Miss SA Shundufhadzo Musida who prefer to bald head instead of keeping hair. Shundufhadzo Musida is a South African model and beauty pageant who was crown Miss SA 2020.




Mzansi has been left impressed after seeing Gogo Maweni’s new look. The Sout African media personality Gogo Maweni has left mzansi impressed after she shared video of her new look. Maweni have recently taken to her Instagram page where she shared a video of herself with new look. Maweni have decided to show off her new look without a weave.

Maweni has been seen with weave in her head without knowing that she does not have hair. Maweni have shared a video of her self with a bald. For the first time, we see Gogo Maweni without a hair. Maweni have been seen with different looks, but she has never shared show her bald head.

Maweni is known as a young sangoma, traditional healer, consultant, businesswoman and a reality TV star. She is best known from her reality TV show “Izangoma Zodumo” in Mzansi Magic and “ThokozaGogo” which currently aired in MojaLoveTv channel 157.