Gogo Maweni Reveals that she owns an Owl. Watch Video

Gogo Maweni is a celebrity Traditional healer, who was also known for being Shaka Khoza’s baby mama a while back. And now she has reveled that she owns an owl as a pet animal.

Watch video here: https://twitter.com/MusaKhawula/status/1529575848927543299?t=eYNX2rAcjvx6PK7-VhwGtA&s=08


An owl is a spirit animal, it is embedded with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. An owl helps with seeing things that aren’t visible to us humans. The spirit of the animal guides you into seeing reality beyond the illusion and deceit. However the traditional symbolism of an owl is that it announces death in the family.

Gogo Maweni also has snakes that she had revealed to the public. And now she reveals that she owns an owl. That is creepy. The Public is conflicted in understanding whether Gogo uses it for Goodluck purposes or something else.

She is by far the richest Traditional healer in South Africa and mzansi believes that she has that effect to change and she is able to make a difference in people’s lives.

Source: https://twitter.com/MusaKhawula/status/1529575848927543299?t=eYNX2rAcjvx6PK7-VhwGtA&s=08