Gogo Maweni reveals that Namhla who was killed by Major visited her in her dreams

Videos of a gorgeous girl Nomsa went viral after being posted by one of her close extended family.


While Mzansi was still trying to process the shocking videos and Namhla’s tragic death who was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend which she has been in a relationship with for over 17-years .

A well known Sangoma who is said to be powerful and has been trending for all the wrong reasons said she had a painful and worse dream whereby she was visited by the late Namhla and she gave her a message.

Dr Maweni decided to share the dream on social media this is what she posted

“Wow the chills ….last night I had a visitor,Namhla hiding behind a smile , she said “he is obsessed with the Idea of revenge,he owns me”..please let us help her crossover light a white candle in short prayer may she not even suffer after her death” Said Gogo Maweni wrote

Gogo Maweni revelation has cause a stir in Social Media followers has been urging her into bringing Namhla perpertrator to justice traditionally and spiritually via the comment section

Source: https://twitter.com/GogoMaweni/status/1528572199577260032?t=JBNJaFRFPYi1Zp9PHcwvfg&s=19