Gogo Maweni posted her photos and this was noticed on her hand : Opinion

Traditional band is normally worn by people who have an ancestral calling.Normally they are white, red or both red and white colours.The band can either be worn on the hands or legs and sometimes on the neck.



Gogo Maweni takes her ancestral calling very serous.She is famously known for appearing on Izangoma Zodumo teaching people about spiritual awakening.Dr Maweni who her real names are Leean Makgotso Makopo is a South African traditional doctor, Gobela, reality television star and social media personality.

On her latest post on Instagram account she uploaded her beautiful pictures and something was noticed on her hand.Gogp was wearing her traditional band with red beads.Maweni is a strong remarkable young woman, a hardworker and a force to be reckoned with.

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