Gogo Maweni Left Mzansi Jealous After She Shows Off Her Gorgeous Body Goal. See Her Pictures


Source: Dr Maweni Instagram page

Have you seen how beautiful is Gogo Maweni…? Mzansi were left impressed to her new body Transformation after she loss some few kilos. Gogo Maweni recently took it to her social media page where she posted some pictures showing off her new body transformation. Gogo Maweni has been working hard to make sure that she keeps her body fit and on good shape.




Gogo Maweni who has been making headlines the fast few weeks after the data of her baby daddy Sk Khoza, have changed and her body size and weight is no longer the same. After the confusing of Sk Khoza losing his mind, sangoma Gogo Maweni has received criticism from people around the country in social media. Maweni is popular known as traditional verified Doctor in mzansi. She is one of the most famous sangoma who is still young and doing things differently compared to her competitors.

Those who have been following her in her social media page, would have noticed that Gogo Maweni was chubby woman. She now decided to join the gym to lose some kilos. Gogo Maweni is looking beautiful and she is enjoying her new body size. She has been working hard keep her beautiful body shape. Gogo Maweni is not single and she has been married to her husband fir three years now.

She has gain famous and she is now a media personality that many people lives to see. Her having a baby with Sk Khoza is another reason why she continue to be famous. Looking at her social.media page, many people in her page and those who are following her has been saying that she us having an amazing body. Some are asking for her old clothes since she will no longer wear them.