Gogo Maweni Has A Message For The Ladies, She Wants Them To Do This

There is quite a lot that Gogo Maweni has to say about what men do wrong and she is clear on what she thinks about them, today she decided to give some advice to the ladies.

A lot of people are aware of what Gogo Maweni does for a living and it is unfortunate that she is now described as a witchdoctor by some people.

One could say that this is the case because of the videos she makes, there is a video that is making rounds on social media. In the video, the Sangoma is talking about women who are treated badly by men, she tells women what they have to do.

Gogo Maweni mentioned that if there is an instance where the guy is treating the lady badly, the lady should should continue being intimate with him and use a condom.

Then, the lady is advised to take that same condom they used and take it to Gogo Maweni and the Sangoma will do as she should to assist the lady get back at the guy.







Gogo Maweni mentioned that she can make sure that the guy loses all his luck and everything in his life gets messed up.

It seems like she does not care about how despiteful she is and after watching the video, there were reactions, a lot of people could not believe that she would even do such.

And people made it clear that they were not going to condone what she was saying because ladies who are in relationships where they are unfairly treated can always leave, at least for their sake.

And you do not have to go as far as going to a Sangoma to ruin someone’s life, this stays in one’s conscious, there is just no way that life can be normal after that.

But then again, the reality is that there are some ladies who might consider going to Gogo Maweni and risk living with the consequences, no matter what they are.

And one could say that this is where the danger is, the best thing one can do is to move on and let life happen.

It would be interesting to know what Gogo Maweni’s reasoning was when she made the video because there are also people who mentioned that she could advise ladies to do something that will advance their lives, not something that will put their lives in danger.

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