GOD IS GOOD: Sophie Ndaba is recovering well and living her best life, See her recent looks

A talent who has struggled in recent years in Mzansi, Sophie Ndaba’s name is virtually always brought up. The former generation actress and businesswoman has been through a lot in the last few years, especially after being diagnosed with Sugar diabetes, which she is still fighting today.

In 2014, she was let go from her position at Generation and then learned she had sugar diabetes. She claims that she has lost a lot of weight as a direct result of her diabetes-related elevated blood sugar levels. She gave an extensive interview to SABC 3’s morning Express about it. On the other side, Sophie feels certain that her near-death experience was brought on by the sickness itself.








People are even speculating on social media that she has passed away, while in fact she is very much alive and well. Sophie reflected on how the sickness affected her not only physically, but also emotionally and financially, given the things she had to give up. As of late, rumors have circulated that the celebrity in question has broken up with a significant the past few months.

Sophie ndaba has lost a lot of weight and seen a lot of changes in her life as a result of her illness, but she has no plans to apologize for looking fantastic or living life to the fullest. New photos show that Ndaba is doing well on the road to recovery.

In contrast to other patients who feel sorry for themselves, the seasoned actor always looks her best by dressing appropriately and doing cosmetics before leaving the house. She spends most of her time away from work visiting loved ones and having a nice time.

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