GOD IS GOOD: See Sophie Ndaba enjoying her life and recovering well (PHOTOS)

Any discussion of Mzansi celebrities who have struggled in recent years nearly always leads back to Sophie ndaba. Things have changed dramatically for the businesswoman and actress of a previous generation over the past few years, especially since she was diagnosed with Sugar diabetes, which she is still fighting today.

Not only did she lose her job at Generation in 2014, but she also learned she had Sugar diabetes that same year. She claims that she has lost a lot of weight as a direct result of her diabetes-related elevated blood sugar levels over the years. In an extensive interview with SABC 3’s morning Express, she elaborated. However, Sophie is sure that the illness was to blame for her near-death experience.




To the point where social media posts are being made claiming her death when she is very much still alive, the issue has reached a new low. Since Sophie lost a lot of money and possessions due to her illness, she acknowledged that the illness had an impact on her on an emotional and financial level as well. Word has it that the famous person recently broke up with a significant other.

Sophie ndaba has lost a lot of weight and seen a lot of changes to her and her family’s lives as a result of her illness, but she makes no apologies for looking fantastic and living life to the fullest. A look at her most recent photos shows that Ndaba is doing well and healing.

Although some of her fellow patients may feel sorry for themselves, the seasoned actor always looks her best by applying cosmetics and dressing accordingly. She never stays at home for more than a week at a time, preferring to spend her time away from work socializing.

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