“Go back home Khwezi you are also farm Julia” fans reacts to Khwezi losing a fight with Pretty

She is now crying

Khwezi is one of the people who have been bullying Pretty since day one. Now that Pretty has showed her that she is actually not scared of her, she cries. Viewers never seen Khwezi crying before because of Pretty, this means now she will respect her.


Khwezi might be the wife to Lehasa bit she does not get treated like a wife. Lehasa is just waiting for a baby then her time in the apartment will be over. Viewers tried to convince Pretty to go back home but the writers made her stay.

Pretty will now be in charge of everything that is happening in the house. Khwezi will know her place because she is a guest as well. She will now stop calling Pretty with names like she used to. Khwezi is not even crying the real tears because she is a dangerous woman.

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