Get To Know Gomora Actress Mrs Jackie Hlongwane And See Her 29 Beautiful Pictures

Leera lets Drum know how she turned into an entertainer.

“In Grade 1, when my instructor used to ask what we needed to be the point at which we grew up, I’d say Brenda Fassie.”

That was the most effective way she could make sense of what she needed to be, as she had no name for that sort of occupation at the center of attention.

“Unquestionably this was not a typical response and it implied this kid needed to be an entertainer? Yet, there could have been no greater way for me to explain it at the time since I didn’t have the foggiest idea what it was.”

The star lets Drum know that growing up, she generally wanted to put on an act.

“I recollect when I was around six years of age I was with my folks on a transport visit in Kruger National Park. The local escort was occupied with talking through the mic when I moved toward him and requested the mic,” she reviews.

When she had it in her grasp, little Leera bust into a melody.

“I sang I’ll have intercourse to you by Boys II Men.” She says everybody began applauding and chiming in.

“Clearly it was so humiliating for my folks. Like, what’s happening with this youngster?”

At 13, the entertainer went to Pro Arte Alphen Park in Pretoria, where she followed her energy for human expression.

“At that age, I was sure this was what I needed to do.”

She concentrated on show and after matric, she enlisted at AFDA and finished her certification in screen acting prior to completing a distinctions degree in dramatization at the University of Pretoria.

“Starting around 2014, I have been working enthusiastically, going to tryouts and accomplishing MC work,” Leera says.

She has additionally been on a few creations, including Generations: The Legacy, Soul City, and City Ses’La, yet those were generally come-and-go jobs.

“I’d show up for a long time and when the story line was finished, the show was over for me,” she says.

“However, Gomora has been the one that has stuck. What’s more, I think it has stuck on the grounds that I settled on a cognizant choice to make her stick out.”

It took Leera a month and a half after they had begun firing to comprehend her personality, Mrs Jackie Hlongwane really.

“The whole time the person was communicating in English, as need might have arisen to sort her out.”

She says she took as much time as is needed to pick a language that would better suit her personality.

She arrived on Sepitori, which is a blend of dialects that incorporates Setswana and a touch of Tsotsi taal.

All things considered, she is from Pretoria and she needed something that would help her track down her position in the business.

“I’m setting stones where I am extraordinary. Thus, I am going with cognizant choices to persuade Jackie to be what her identity is. It required examination and investment.”

The 30-year-old entertainer tells Drum it has been a little glimpse of heaven dealing with Gomora.

“Gomora has been amazing. I was telling one of my makers that I at last have a home and what preferred home over Gomora. It is in a real sense number one in my heart, it’s main in many individuals’ hearts. It’s main in viewership too,” Leera says.

She lets us know the climate at Gomora addresses great hard working attitudes and you must choose the option to succeed.

“You are working with experts and youthful stars that are eager, so the drive is much more noteworthy.

“I’m working with the absolute greatest names. Thembi Seete, I mean we grew up tuning in and watching her and here I am working with her and I’m like, do you have any idea what your identity is?” she says. “My partners Zolisa and mom Connie, I mean the rundown is perpetual.”

Leera says playing Jackie has shown her the significance of being predictable.

“It doesn’t make any difference what you are carrying on with in your private life, at work you want to appear and convey.”

She’s gleaned tons of useful knowledge in the previous year and has a few pearls of astuteness for those actually dreaming about the business.

“On the off chance that I had been posed this inquiry a year prior, my response would have been different to what it is currently.”


A year back, she would have said makers need to open up the business.

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“Yet, presently I think we craftsmen need to make ourselves sellable. We really want to make ourselves appealing. We want to make ourselves a business. I came from a position of privilege – I’ve concentrated so I merit this work. In any case, it doesn’t work that way.

“You really want to contemplate the number of others that have concentrated however they don’t have the work and the number of individuals that didn’t concentrate yet have the work. What do they have that I don’t?”

Once in a while individuals need to dig further, she says.

“Some of the time it’s a question of reflection. The business and the world owe you nothing.

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