Generationthelegacy|Ayanda finally explains to Dali on why she cheated on him, see details


Ayanda is struggling to fix the problems that she has got herself onto after cheating on Dali with Nkosiyabo. Dali has been the angry guy since he heard this terrible news about his wife because of the lies that she was telling her before.




But this time Ayanda wants to make up for her man and the only thing is to ask for forgiveness so that they can work things out in their marriage, which is something that they need to fix in time so that they won’t struggle in their work because Dali’s work has been affected by this.

Ayanda has admitted to Dali that she has wronged him, because she is always falling in love with the bad guys and this demon is always hunting him, and now he has ruined her marriage because of the little affair with Nkosiyabo which leads her to quit on her job last week.