Generations The legacy actor named and shamed on Twitter

Naming and shaming someone on Twitter could lead to a defamation lawsuit against the originator and anyone who perpetuates the defamatory material in some countries. Twitter used to punish those who do that, by suspending them for few days but now since Elon Musk took over, there are no consequences of naming and shaming someone one Twitter. A Generations the Legacy actor found himself named and shamed.

Amanda Waller






PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. His name is Andile Nebulane, better known as Dali from Generations. He’s a deadbeat that sleeps around, impregnates women and then abandons his children. Sasithe deadbeats must be named and shamed mos.

Andile Nebulane is playing Detective Dali Malinga on Generations the Legacy.

I don’t agree with the manner in which this was handled. This is a private domestic issue and should not be published on a social media platform. Extremely unethical behavior and no matter who is at fault, this is not the way to deal with the situation because when the two met, it was a secret. She did not invite us to help her search for a boyfriend. Why do you involve us when things are lovey-dovey. We were not part of this relationship from the beginning.