Generations – Sphe gets a dangerous helping hand

A few months ago Sphe (Pearl Monama) unknowingly fell for serial killer Winston (Lehasa Moloi) who used her desperation for love to lure her into his trap.

For weeks Sphe was locked up in a cage and tortured, but she overpowered him and escaped in March. But that trauma still lingers in her mind.




She keeps getting flashbacks of the horrific things he did to her. Locking her up in a cage, hanging her from a tree.

Sphe is currently living off anti-anxiety pills that her doctor ex-boyfriend Luyolo (Karabo Maseko) prescribed her. She’s suffering from PTSD and keeps having dreams of Winston showing up at her house. She feels like she will never really be free until Winston is behind bars.

Even her uncle Nkosiyabo (Muzi Mthabela) is worried about his niece. She hasn’t been the same ever since that incident with Winston. He feels helpless because she has to decide to do something about her fear.

So now it’s time for Sphe to take back ownership of her life, not just for her young daughter, but for herself. But getting her power back may lead Sphe down yet another dark path.





Sphe’s knight in shining armour comes in the form of Philani (Herald Khumalo), whom her uncle Nkosiyabo is currently doing business with. And Philani immediately spots an opportunity to get more power by cosying up to Sphe.

Philani realised Sphe is connected to the Morokas and the Celes, two very powerful families. Philani is a powerhungry villain, just like his wife Oby (Khabonina Qubeka). Being trusted by Sphe will directly connect him to the power he so desires.

So Philani fakes being lost at the hospital where Sphe works and he walks straight into her office ‘for help’.

Sphe has a panic attack when Philani startles her and seeing that she’s in distress, he chats to her and finds out what is troubling her.

It’s a genius move and he offers his security expertise to help make her feel safer. Philani is a security expert and he’s a shareholder at #Ezweni.

As her uncle is in business with him, she sees no reason to be afraid of him. He promises to help her take back control of her life because he believes she’s a powerful woman and that should never be compromised.


“Viewers will get to see a lot more of this villain,” says Herald.

Source: TVSA