Generations: Mrekza Wonders Why Mam’Bhengu Wants To See Him

Mrekza was not good because his business partner passed away. Lucy told him that he should take care of their business and make sure that it becomes a success just like Mazwi wanted.

Lucy told him that the Moroka family does not care about Mazwi and that they will misuse his things because he is no longer around.


While they were busy talking, Mrekza received a call from Mazwi’s mother. Mrekza did not want to answer the call because he did not know what she wanted from him.

Lucy advised him to answer the call so that he can be able to know what she wants. Mrekza answered his phone. Ma’Bhengu told Mrekza that they should meet in the afternoon and he agreed. Lucy told Mrekza that Mazwi’s mother will wants to buy his share of the Lounge and he should agree but he should talk about high prices.