Generations: Mpho Warns His Housemates That Their Plan Is Doomed To Fail

Nontle cheated on her partner with Anathi. She told her mother and her mother adviced her to tell her partner the truth. Nontle told her partner the truth and he was mad at her. Nontle did not know what to do.


She asked for advice from her elders and they told her that she needs to show her partner that she is sorry. Nontle was distracted at work because she was thinking about her partner.

When she got home, she spoke to Tracy. She asked Tracy for advice. Tracy told her that she should go to her partner’s place and try to apologize. She also told her that she should not leave until her partner opens the door. Mpho heard them and told them that Tracy’s advice is a bad idea. He told Nontle that she can get arrested for trespassing. He also told her that she should give her partner space.