Generations – Meet the Mlambo’s

Busisiwe and Donald are a wealthy power couple. She is a renowned surgeon who’s also Sphe’s idol. Busisiwe is from a wealthy family and oozes opulence.

Donald is a medicine mogul – a businessman who works in the field of medicine. He’s also an acquaintance of Nkosiyabo (Muzi Mthabela), and he’s highly confident in himself – a characteristic that is often seen as arrogant.

Busisiwe and Donald are the new owners of the hospital where Luyolo and Sphe work.

Luyolo’s parents are shaking up all spheres of his life, from work, right down to who he should be spending the rest of his life with!


Yip, they think it’s time for him to settle down. He realises that his parents are try-ing to set him up with a woman they think is perfect for him. They want him to start thinking about his legacy. He must settle and start a family.

He calls his parents out on their meddling, but they insist that they are acting in his best interest.

Time will tell if they will win this battle or if Luyolo will get his way and marry whoever he chooses in his own time.

But until that happens, a lot more will be going down in the hospital, and Sphe may get caught in the middle of the power struggle . . .

TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, 17 Nov 2022