Generations – Mazwi’s obsession with Sphe has Fikile suspicious

What goes around, comes around, and that’s never more true than in romance. When Mazwi (Musa Ngema) cheated on Sphe (Pearl Monama) with Fikile (Refilwe Madumo) and ended up divorcing Sphe to be in a relationship with Fikile in September 2020,

Fikile never imagined herself in Sphe’s shoes. But look at her now! Click clack, walking more than a mile in Sphe’s heels feeling like “the other woman” this time round.




Mazwi’s romantic and business partner, has been feeling insecure. Mazwi has been far too focused on Sphe, and the obsession is starting to show.

Mazwi and Sphe are spending a lot of time together again. They’re calling each other more often and when Fikile asks what it’s all about, Mazwi says they’re talking about their daughter. Fikile is doubtful.

She’s part of the child’s life too, so now she’s wondering why they need to be alone when they discuss her, and now all of a sudden of all things.

Fikile is holding her tongue for now, but she’s no fool. Fikile chooses to keep quiet about the doubts plaguing her as she wants to be sure of what’s going on before doing anything.

Mazwi has been a hater ever since February 2022 when Winston (Lehasa Moloi) started romancing Sphe, who’s not only Mazwi’s ex wife but also the mother of their young daughter.

At first, everyone thought that Mazwi was just being a jealous ex who doesn’t want his ex-wife to move on and be happy – but as we’ve seen, Mazwi’s gut feeling about Winston having sinister intentions with Sphe was spot on.

And when Winston turned out to be a serial killer and he kidnapped Sphe in March this year, Mazwi was worried sick. Sphe hasn’t left his thoughts since she made it out of Winston’s trap alive.