Generations: Mazwi was not sure about having dinner with Tracy at the commune

Tracy spoke to Fikile and told her that she was done groveling because it seems like Fikile will no longer forgive her. She then went to see Mazwi. Mazwi asked her if they were going to the hotel together after work and Tracy refused.


She told him that she wanted to be at the commune, where she lives. Mazwi said it was okay. Tracy told him that she wanted to be with him at the commune. Mazwi asked her if it was a good idea and she said no. Mazwi asked her what would her housemates say and she said that they will have to deal with it. Mazwi was scared but he agreed to go and have dinner with her at her place.

Later when he arrived there it was awkward for him but he couldn’t go because he wanted to be with Tracy and he did not want to disappoint her.