Generations: Mazwi told Sphe about his feelings for Tracy

Everyone has been blaming Sphe for what had happened at Mazwi’s wedding but Sphe was innocent. Mazwi decided to visit Sphe and talk to her about what has been happening in his life. He trusts Sphe with everything because she is his Rori’s mother.

Mazwi explained to Sphe that the person that he has been looking for, has been in front of his eyes all this time and he did not notice it because he was looking for love at the wrong places. When he said that, Sphe thought that he was talking about her.


Mazwi then told Sphe that he has feelings for Tracy. Sphe was surprised.

She laughed a little. Mazwi told her not to laugh because he needed her advice since Tracy was pushing him away. Sphe told Mazwi that he should not force Tracy to date with him, but he should respect her decisions and trust her because it is her life that she is concerned with.