Generations: Lucy got Lelethu in the act stealing USB see what will happen

Currently Lucy got Lelethu in the act trying to steal USB that it has a footage of Phelani and Sphe killing Winston, so Lucy will be angry and try to torture him until he tells her the truth about what he wants because she got safe open. It is clear that Lelethu was seeking something, but Lucy does not know what it is, Fortunately Lelethu will manage to escape with the USB, before Lucy can deal with him.

The person who made a huge mistake is Cosmo because he is the one who told Lelethu about USB, because if it wasn’t him Lelethu wouldn’t know that the there is USB that has evidence.


Now Lelethu will confront Sphe to hear her side of the story because he has all the information.

And Phamela will be surprised because she gave Lucy USB because she trusts her and she also promised her that she destroyed it.



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