Generations: Lucy And Cosmo Can Not Agree On The Way Forward

After Luyolo told the Diale family about the future of their grandmother, they have been trying to figure a solution to help her.


Luyolo suggested that they should take their grandmother to an old age home but Lucy refused. Lucy told Luyolo she does not want to send her grandmother away. Luyolo told her that she should get her a 24/7 nurse to take care of her.

When Lucy got home, she drafted a budget so that she could be able to see how much they will need to spend if they decide to get their grandmother a nurse.

Lucy found out that everything would be expensive including the renovations of their house. Lucy then suggested to allow their grandmother to go to an old age home.

Cosmo did not agree with her. He told her that he does not want to lose his grandmother. He said that he will go to a loan shark if he has to.