Generations: Khanyisile’s Lover Comes To Her Side And Challenges

Khanyisile wanted to go home after losing the baby but her sister, MaKhumalo, did not want to allow her to go. She told her that they will continue telling Nkosiyabo that Khanyisile is still pregnant so that he can be able to marry her. Khanyisile was not happy with everything that was happening.


Whenever Khanyisile tried to tell her sister about the way that she feels, her sister would always shut her down. She does not care about Khanyisile’s feelings. Khanyisile was forced by her sister to wear an artificial belly and go to the mall with Nkosiyabo.

When she came back from the mall, she called her partner and told him about what was happening. Her partner told her that he loves her and that he will always support her. Khanyisile told her partner that he will tell Nkosiyabo that she lost the baby so that she can be free and go to stay with her partner.