Generations|| It may have ended in tears for Fikile but Mazwi was all smiles the following morning

After Fikile walked out on Mazwi, Mazwi was hurt. He went to the bar to speak with Mrekza and while they were talking, he realized that the person that he really loves is Tracy. He decided to leave Mrekza while he was drinking so that he could go and see Tracy.

When he got to her room, he told her that she is the one person that he likes and they kissed. One thing led to another and they woke up together in the morning. Mazwi was happy.


he woke up next to someone that he really loves and he does not regret anything. Tracy on the other hand, regrets everything.

It seems like they both had a wonderful night and Mazwi still wants more. Tracy respects Fikile because she looks up to her. If Fikile finds out then she will get angry and feel betrayed.