Generations: Finally Winston fell into the trap

Winston fell into the trap and he will lose his life because Sphe made it clear that she wants him died since he was always trying to make Sphe to live in fear, and Winston’s girlfriend tried to warn him about the trap, but he didn’t listen.




Now Phelani strategy worked and finally Sphe is a free women because is been a while now Police looking for him, but unfortunately they couldn’t find him, Winston wish was to come back to Sphe and finish What he was started, and it was not easy for police to get him because he is very smart man remember he made police to believe that Mazwi was responsible for kidnapping Sphe.

The only thing that made Sphe to be very angry is when Winston threatening her daughter and Sphe wanted to stop Winston as a problem in her life, Winston was supposed to listen to her girlfriend the Moment she advised him to forget about Sphe.

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