Generations: Fikile Is Ready To Swallow Her Pride And Work

Mazwi passed away and left his shares to his mother. His mother does not know a lot about the corporate business so she spoke to Mrekza for advice.

Fikile offered to buy her shares but she refused. She decided to give her proxy to Paul so that he can be able to make sure that Mazwi’s dream come true.


Paul was happy and he had new ideas for the business. Fikile did not like that the fact Paul had a say in the business so she shut down all his ideas.

Paul tried to get some journalists on his side but they ended up receiving written warnings. Paul went to talk to Mazwi’s mother about his ideas and she liked them.

He told her that Fikile does not want to approve his ideas and she told him not to worry. She went to talk to Fikile and told her to approve Paul’s ideas and she agreed.