Generations|| Fikile and Kabisi want to get their hands on Lelethu’s story about Sphe

Fikile has been wondering why Lelethu got the 6% share of Moroka Media but she did not know how to investigate why he got those shares.

Kabisi approached Fikile about working together in order to find out what Lelethu had over Mazwi that led to him giving up his 6% shares of his company.


They only know that it has something to do with Sphesihle. Kabisi suggested that they go to Lucy since she is the one who has information that they needed.

Fikile said that she was going to speak to Lucy about it but Kabisi refused, he said that he would handle her. She agreed.

Kabisi went to Lucy’s place to ask her to give him whatever information that she held for Pamela and Lucy told him that she did not have anything to give him. He offered to give her R1Million Rand for the information but she still refused to give him. Source: