Generations actor spotted praying and performing rituals at the river

A prayer is what is believed to be a secret affirmative words to strengthen one’s beliefs, not lose power over your mental health and to be stronger than ever when you have to face the world on your own.

On today’s entertainment news, what has been on the trending topics is one of our soapie star who was spotted near the river performing rituals. On the pictures that are circulating and causing a stir all over social media, the actor is seen wearing a sangoma attire praying inside and besides the river.

The start is known as Letoya Makhene who is famously known as Matshidiso on Generations, she made her debut on our small screens as Tau’s brother and Kumkani Phakade’s wife. On the soapie, Matshidiso is a rock kind of woman, who likes challenges and win no matter what, a strong woman is what represents her as Matshidiso.





However, we have been missing Matshidiso on our screens since she left after her plan to take over Moroka Media and her marriage with Kabisi Moroka failed. But recently since Gogo Zondiwe is sick we are expecting the prodigal daughter to bless us her gorgeous face and talent on our screens.

On social media, some of her followers understands and in support with the fact that she’s a spiritual person, but most of them don’t understand why she should share the pictures on social media as it is believed that such rituals are to be kept a secret.

I think there is nothing wrong with what the actress was doing, rituals and prayers has been our ancestors way of life and still is part of our lives. This should not surprise us, as Africans we should know the importance of connecting with our ancestors for strength, guidence and for light. This way our lives could be more easier.