#Generation the legacy|Sphe begins a new life after she was saved by Mazwi and the police from Winston


She has been through a lot in the past weeks after he was kidnapped by his boyfriend who looked more dangerous, to cause more harm to her life again after she has brought followers onto her bad without anyone noticing in the house while he was on the couch.



But the period that she is going through needs proper time so that she can get all the love that she needs for family and friends, who were understands her better than anyone in the family maybe he should have have listen to Luyolo’s advice is to avoid the drama that she is going through now.

But that time has ended as Wiston is still on the run and he might bounce anytime to cause more problems, but thanks to Mpho because he has been doing a good job that many pice officers have been failing to do in the past years after they didn’t believe him in the station.

Mazwi has proven the love that she has for the mother of his child because he took all this risk and must save her from the hands of dangerous Wiston, who was out to kill Sphe after he brutally killed Mia and framed Mazwi for her murder.

It will be the tough months for Sphe. She will be looking to adjust to the new life that she has, because she has seen the bad things happening in her life that have caused her to be scared all the time when she is at home.